Humm’s Birthday Faves 2018 Masterpost

(AKA just another excuse for Humm to trawl out some pretty Hiddles looks)

13 ~ I always love it when he mixes it up a little, and everything about this look is just perfect, right down to the pocket square.

12 ~ It’s the movement. No... the Converse. No… the belly peekage. Wait! It’s the intensity in his expression. No… It’s the stretch of the fabric across those thighs. Actually, it’s the angelic palette. Oh wait. It’s ALL of those things. And so, so much more!

11 ~ Because let’s be honest, we see it that much we just have to love it! I love it for its simplicity though. It’s like seeing an old friend. (No Aquatalia boots allowed in this list though. Sorry Tom! 😎 *petitions for the return of the Ariats*)

10 ~ ‘Cos leather. And Henry. And gauntlets. Erm, did I mention the leather?? I know I did in Calendar Boys 😉

9 ~ I always go ‘bananas’ for this young, preppy, fresh out of teaching college Prof!Tom look and this photoshoot is SO under-rated!

8 ~ Tanned and utterly delicious. What more is there to say?

7 ~ I simply HAD to have Loki in this list, and while the God of Mischief always looks impeccable (even when distraught, dishevelled and grief-stricken), there’s a special kind of Hell reserved for this sinful suit! 👌🏻

6 ~ Cyborg Dom!Tom is still in my ‘to-do’ list… Oy! Minds out of the gutter! I’m talking about my writing to-do list… 😉

5 ~ Eyelashes ✔ Exquisite tailoring ✔ Post Pine blond highlights and tan ✔ The Hiddles Stance™ ✔ Humm flailing on the floor? ✔

4 ~ Dirty Filthy Laing™, almost as problematic as DFBL™ but what can I say? It’s the tension in his jaw, the peekage™ of chest curls. And, I have this weird kink for him sniffing his shirt/pits *shrugs* 😊

3 ~ The Flaunt photoshoot is all kinds of pretty, but Tom and the dragonfly jacket are simply a match made in heaven and must be celebrated 👌🏻

2 ~ Swooping in, leaving Humm (and many others) flailing on the floor in April. Everything about this look, from the impeccable tailoring to the hair/beardage combo is just perfection!

1 ~ I mean, come on! You’ve seen my icon, right? This being my number one can’t come as that much of a surprise! 😉

Bonus ~ (Because Humm never follows the rules!) and because Plaid deserves it’s very own special mention! 😎


I know Tom! ^ This entire suit/hair/beardage/glasses combo deserved its place in the spotlight! If it helps, It was at number 14… But blame my parents! This list would not have been anywhere near as hard to narrow down if i’d been born on the 30th, I can tell you!


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