I finally listened to the podcast with Tom and…

I finally listened to the podcast with Tom and Jenelle and I have to say this- There MAY be actors who are better performers than Tom, but I have never come across anyone who is as passionate, dedicated and immersed in it the way Tom is. There are very few people who love their job the way Tom does, especially working in theatre. When he was talking about his various theatrical experiences, one could hear sincerity, passion, gratitude and love in his voice and it's such a beautiful thing

Well you are braver than I am right now, because I haven’t listened.  I’m just too weak.  My Hiddleston Tolerance Level is in overdrive after this Infinity War nonsense over the last couple of weeks.  I’m full of hearts and rainbows and I want to pet his face and tell him what a good boy he is.


Yes.  For sure.  Sometimes I wonder if he appears as such because he’s so linguistically gifted, but I agree with you.  He isn’t inhibited about expressing his passion for what he loves and he has addressed that very thing over the years in various interviews and appearances.  He doesn’t try to appear blasé about it, he doesn’t behave as though it’s old hat, so to speak.  

I think sometimes people mistakenly suppose that the best way to legitimize their career or profession is to be almost dismissive of its impact or at least to minimize it.  I don’t know if that makes sense, but I can’t find a better way to explain it.  I think this happens more frequently with people who are in an artistic field that doesn’t fit in the traditional 9-5 job because they may already feel like many people view it from a superior or condescending attitude.  And if I may risk a generalization, I think men can be more prone, as a cultural norm, to communicate in less passionate speech and manner about certain things.  

So while he is undoubtedly quite skilled in expressing himself due to his inherent abilities and his learned extensive body of vocabulary, all of these things contribute to why he stands out from the crowd.  It is indeed a beautiful thing, because he knows that it makes him a target and guess what, that doesn’t intimidate him.  

“But I’ve always been a very passionate person, I think.  I’ve always been quite honest about what I love and what I don’t, I suppose, as well.  And believe me, it’s really easy for people to take potshots at it.” – from Popcorn Taxi

He is a unicorn.  He really is.  When you watch him do press with a big group, you can see that.  Yes, the others may be fun at times and play along with whatever is going on.  But Tom is different.  I am not going to name anyone specific, but you can see that some of the actors on this Infinity War press tour just simply aren’t IN to it.  Their body language, their eyes, their facial expressions – it seems like they are scoffing at what is going on.  I don’t recall seeing another Marvel actor or any other actor inspire the amount of glowing reports and tweets, etc., that Tom inspires. And those aren’t just from fans or just from the press; they are from both.  

It doesn’t matter how you choose to interpret his personal life and choices, you can not ignore the consistency and quality of his graciousness and kindness while in a professional capacity.  Even while not operating in a professional context, he is gracious and kind.  I am recalling a story of him declining a request for a photo for whatever reason and then going back to the person to speak with them, I think that was when the Doctor Who special was in cinema?  There are so many stories like that.  He does that when there aren’t any reporters around.  He does it because he chooses to, not because he has to or because he is worried about appearing perfect in front of the cameras.  

I realize I’m rambling, so I’ll stop.  He’s a unicorn.  A delightful sparkly unicorn in a world of sad dull donkeys. 

Thanks for the message!