In defence of Thor: The Dark World

In defence of Thor: The Dark World:

Loki was at his trickster best

It may be a controversial statement to make, but just as many fans watch the Thor movies for Loki as they do the man himself. A buddy movie of sorts, The Dark World combined the performances of Hemsworth and Hiddleston as it sent them across the galaxy.

is made to play Loki, and just as Hemsworth found his feet in the
sequel, both men seemed more at home in their roles. The Dark World
kept audiences on the edge of their seats as they wondered what the
trickster god would do next. Loki’s fake-out death may have robbed The Dark World of another heartbreaking goodbye, but at least it put the pieces in place for Hiddleston’s snivelling best in Thor: Ragnarok and THAT big scene at the start of Infinity War.

of this is before we even get to the movie’s finale and the
jaw-dropping reveal that Loki is posing as Odin. This annoying
cliffhanger left everyone scratching their heads over what the F was
going on until Ragnarok, but it was worth the wait.