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“Tom Hiddleston has given Marvel so much! His portraying Loki inspired so many people! It inspired me to start writing and to start believing in myself again! Loki has grown thanks to Tom into one of the most popular characters of the MCU! We are aware of the fact Tom Hiddleston can‘t portray an immortal God forever, but I think all the fans who have signed agree about the fact his time hasn’t been running out by far! Tom Hiddleston has done Marvel so much good and he’s great for his fans. Remember being all in character at the San Diego comic con of 2013? Wish I was there because he gave the fans a day they never will forget! It’s clearly Tom Hiddleston does his work with his heart and soul, that I admire him for. He truly is an angel on earth!

And if this is the true exit Marvel gave him, then I must see it as a stab through the heart.

More petition details:
– Addressed to both official Marvel & Disney accounts at
– Not just focused on Avengers 4 (might be a wrap) but on Justice for Loki (#justiceforLoki) in the FUTURE.
 – Showing world wide love for Loki/Tom Hiddleston. He changed lives (mine too, I hope Marvel doesn’t ignore how much he means for people  all over the world!

Note: This petition and I do NOT stand for spreading hate towards Marvel & the Russo Brothers! This petition stands for giving Loki a proper destiny/future in the MCU, on a respectful and decent way! 

Please sign and share!
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What’s been in the news about Thor the Dark World (Loki‘s death was final first, audience didn‘t accepted!) proves they listen to the fans!

Some people say this is pointless, I respect their opinions, please also respect mine! Making this petition has cost me nothing, so nothing to lose either.

2000 on may 15th: Thank you, however we need much more before I go spread this forward (via letter post) to Marvel, Kevin Feige, The Russo Brothers and perhaps even Tom‘s agency to show how much Tom is appreciated. will send this to Marvel too, but can‘t let them do all the work..

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This is a reblog of my original message because I have edited my original post (updated picture/updated text). Below the text from a later reblog. 

So come with all your fave Loki GIFS again (because they are lost 🙁 ) while you spread this. Share your Loki love! 

Hello dear fellow supporters,

As you can see in the picture I have changed the title. The reason I made this petition is not because he died, but HOW he died. In my opinion his death (if it was not a trick, we don‘t know what Marvel has planned) totally didn’t fit the character. Loki has many abilities as we remember from Thor, The Avengers & Thor The Dark World. The stab thing already is a funny meme here at Tumblr, but against a powerful enemy like this one was, Loki is smart enough to know that was pointless. That‘s why I think this scene in the first 5 minutes of the film, doesn’t make sense! (if it was not a trick)

All I‘m asking Marvel & Disney in this petition is to give Loki a acceptable future/destiny in the MCU! (Not just focused on Avengers 4, because perhaps that‘s already a wrap..) Something that does fits his character!

–> You also know Tom‘s other passion is Shakespeare, so let‘s say if Tom in any way tells the world he doesn’t want to portray Loki anymore then I respect his decision. However, at this point there is nothing I‘ve seen that points out Tom would be tired of Loki!


Thank you guys for the support and keep it up for #JusticeForLoki, keep spreading your love, support and believe in Tom/Loki on a way Tom Hiddleston would be proud of his Loki‘s Army/Hiddleston Army!

Got tips, news (with source) I need to know off? All welcome 🙂

Your sincerely,

Nicole !!

Hello everyone,

The petition’s Facebook page is now live!


With this page I‘m hoping to reach more people who want to sign the petition! Feel free to post your reasons why you signed on the page. Show your love and appreciation for Loki/Tom Hiddleston. Be creative (but if you use edits which aren‘t yours, give the original artist credit.) Everyday I plan to publish a few of those posts here on the page. Together we can show Marvel how much we like to see a lot of Loki in the future! I plan to spread this petition forward myself to addresses of Marvel, Kevin Feige & The Russo Brothers I can find.

@marvelentertainment remember those words!

5 petitions so far, one (this one) with its own fb page @ PetitionLoki. One way or another we will reach @marvelentertainment. Help us!

Oh hell yeah

Reblogging again cause THIS IS IMPORTANT 

Yes this is important! Personally it’s so important that there will be 1. #JusticeforLoki and 2. Spreading how much the role of Loki Tom portrayed means to people, that I have spend money (not extreme much) to promote the Petition and:

And then some response I get hurts. Some people say: ‘Loki is dead get over it!’ Some people speak against me when I say this didn’t fit the character (this was at fb) and some people say it’s for Thanos’s character development.. I never liked Thanos so let’s not hope this..

It’s easy to make fun of people on the Internet. Okay probably not everyone understands why a character can change somebody’s life. Last year I’ve had a rough time, and I found my self-confidence, believe and happiness back in Loki. So is it strange that this scene in infinity War felt like a stab through the heart? Is it strange that I feel the need to stand up, even if I don’t know it will work? You can’t judge me if you don’t know me. You can’t judge anyone you don’t know.

This quote could have more meanings. Think about that. ‘I walk around like everything is fine..’ This is a sentence that might feel differently for me than for you. It has a double meaning because I’ve never been able to walk like a normal person. (something in my legs) If I’m fine that’s up to the people who see me. Do they judge me? Laugh about me? Or do they accept how I am? Do they respect me? Do they not stare? My childhood was a hard time that has made me who I am now. Luckily as grownups we can mostly just be like grown ups and accept each other.

Long story: For those who don’t like Loki, understand that there are people that love Loki for personal reasons. (Perhaps others can have that feeling for Thanos? I don’t know but for them I also hope that you can relate with the way Marvel will end him.)

For the people that say it did fit the character have you seen this film:

This film:

And this film:

? (not forget their brotherly band in Ragnarok)

If you see all those powers Loki has, would you think Loki is dumb enough to just stab a powerful enemy like that? You could say to rescue Thor, but would he be sure Thor would be spared after? Would he not come and try something better that spares the both of them? Some people say Loki can’t fake his death again, because he already did that, but let’s say as long as Thor keeps falling for it why can’t he? Loki might knew it would make Thor become stronger.

Now people are creating this kind of jokes: should Marvel be happy about that???

Except ‘we have a hulk’ and ‘the sun will shine on us again’ I like nothing about this beginning of the movie. And I am starting to feel much more for the time traveling theory in Avengers 4. They could basically wipe all of Infinity War out. And if they do this well, with justice for the characters, the Russo Brothers could succeed in having created something Marvelous.

To the people that do support my petition and the one about Avengers 4: Thank you, Loki’s Army is alive! We should keep showing Marvel and Tom how much we appreciate Loki/Tom! Whatever choices Tom makes in the future, he must do what feels right for him. I’ll support him.

GUYS PLZ READ THIS. It’s inspirational and motivating. Not just on Loki but about everything else @nicole-goddessofloki said. (ur beautiful dear <3 <3 <3) Loki deserved better. Let’s sign this petition and the other Avengers 4 one (the other one has 30 000 signatures so let’s keep at it w/ both). #Justice for Loki needs to come! Come on Loki’s army! Let’s show marvel what were made of! (maybe eventually they will make a Loki movie! I really want that!)

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Some people are afraid of changes. Well, if it’s a good change you don’t need to be afraid. Change, make a difference! 😇

Marvel recognized Loki as a hero! The start is made!

Feel free to add your own fave Loki gifs/pictures!