tommhollland: People who die Infinity War + fu…


People who die Infinity War + funny/ mad posts about the character

Bucky and Loki’s 😭

And Spiderman’s, however no one in real life speaks English to me. Perhaps they also should not use the Dutch translation: “Ik wil niet gaan!” on parties..

fyeahmarvel:Iron Man 3 Deleted Scene x This co…


Iron Man 3 Deleted Scene x

This could’ve been so good.

The kid’s face at the end–my heart just melted.



If Marvel Heros Were Our Teachers


Imagine Tony As Your Physics Professor


So It’s That Time Again

But don’t forget! This guy



Finally Thor 246 has arrived too! But because of his big head, he can‘t stand up. Does anyone else have this with this Thor Funkopop?

Well, we‘re just going to pretend like he‘s drunk or so.. This is a temporary solution because as much as I like the bag, it can‘t stay there because it‘s taking too much room. 

And Winter Soldier arrived too!