‘It’s a very, very small world now. I traveled…

‘It’s a very, very small world now. I traveled to Guinea in West Africa. It took me about six hours to get there by plane. As soon as I landed, just the level of poverty that I saw was shocking. And yet, the levels of joy I saw among very poor people were… It rearranges your head – truly – and makes you re-assess your priorities, and your complaints and your perspective. I’m very lucky that i’ve been allowed to see that, and all I can do is to spread the word really, and help make people aware of what they do.’ ~ Tom talks UNICEF, 2013



Hi everyone! I Hope you’re all okay, and have survived the ‘Tumblr snap’ so far. So I have been doing some housekeeping in the wake of the latest Tumblr Apocalypse. Thankfully I don’t post pap pics so that wasn’t an issue, but I did have a limited number of event edits, along with some photoshoot edits. I really don’t want to lose this blog so I took the decision to delete them. Just in case.

The blog will remain under limited visibility for the time being. In the mad panic of so many of my absolute favourite blogs being deleted (r.i.p. Hiddleston-Daily 😢) I tried to export my own archive, but gave up when it surpassed 2TB and was still going strong…! So, instead I’ve basically been deleting A LOT of old reblogs of my own posts. In truth i’ve been meaning to clean things up for a while, but this has given me the push I needed to get on with it. I want to really concentrate on it again tomorrow, so I won’t be posting/reblogging anything new for the next 36 hours (from Midnight). It should hopefully make navigating the blog a lot easier once i’m finished as there will be a lot less repetition in my tags.

I’ve also been holding off posting new edits for the same reason, but i’ll be back Tuesday. In the meantime, thank you SO much for sticking around! I miss you guys! <3

thehumming6ird: ‘I would love a gift from Ell…


‘I would love a gift from Ellen… I guess, I’ll wear these with pride!’

*Whispers* Why are you looking at them like you’ve never seen underwear before Thomas…? 😉