thank you 💗


As you may have seen if you’re in this tag, Hiddleston-Daily was a casualty of the great Tumblr Celebrity Photo Purge that’s going on right now. So, I have to make this post from my personal blog. 

This is to all of you. To everyone who worked at Hiddleston-Daily, to all the amazing edit and gif makers that shared their creations, their humor, and their passion with us. On behalf of all of us, I want to say thank you so much for sticking with us. You made us the blog we were. Seven years, thousands of edits, tons of silliness. 

We didn’t want it to end, especially not like this. 

Thank you to our followers, all 75k+ of you. You made Hiddleston-Daily everything that it was. 

We love you.

All the best, 

Mona @ H-D