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Favorite Films: 3 Men and a Baby (1987)

And remember there’s a quarter of a million dollars in heroin in that diaper pail.

And the new baby wipes are in the cabinet.

Right. Heroin’s in the diaper pail. Baby wipes are in the cabinet. Where else would they be?

3 Men and a Little Lady

I made my family watch this old film named ‘3 men and a Baby’ yesterday. When I saw the TV commercial I thought: “Ohh cute, let‘s record that!” It actually is a comedy film of three guys living together and suddenly a baby is dropped at their door (one of the guys, currently on vacation is the father: the mother left the baby there).  Funny thing they receive package the same day, which will be picked up later. First they thought the baby was the package..

At first they all three think like: “What on earth must we do with a baby?” Expect hilarious and clumsy scenes. But later the baby used her special powers, something which all babies own: The cuteness! And they fall in love with her! (And they even sing the dorkiest songs for her to make her fall a sleep ^.^)

I very much enjoyed watching this old dorky cute film. Saying “aww, cute” about two babies (twins) who are older then me. There is also a newborn baby in a soap I‘m following. Well sometimes I may give myself the pleasure of watching and dreaming at the same time ^.^

Fun fact: in The scene where one of the men’s mother id visiting, you Can see a person behind them in the bathroom. Apparently no one was in that room while They were shooting The footages.

Some say there was a kid in the apartment that died before they start making the movie, and that the boy in the bathroom is his ghost

Sorry to ruin a good ghost story, @

& @

. But that rumor was debunked years ago. It’s a cardboard cutout of Ted Danson’s character that you can actually see in full detail earlier in the film during the party scene, I believe. But that rumor did persist for years as an urban legend. I grew up watching this movie as a kid and took it for the gospel truth when I was younger. I think it’s even been confirmed that the apartment scenes weren’t filmed in an actual apartment, but on a sound stage. Not sure about that, but the cardboard cutout truth is easily confirmed.

I watched the scene just yet and I indeed thought it looked like a cardboard.